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Student Clubs

Last Updated: 7/27/2022 11:04 PM

Academic Bowl Team– Fourth and fifth graders interested in academic topics such as geography, math, history, literature, and science, will try-out for a limited number of spots on the team. The team practices after school throughout the year with several competitions with other CCSD schools. 

Agua Club- These students help care for our school's Agua Lab.

Art Club- Students who are passionate about art may further their skills in this after school club.

Chorus– Fourth and fifth grade students may audition for chorus which meets for practice after school during certain seasons of the school year. The chorus performs at various school events. 

Elementary Math Team- The purpose of Math Club is to develop students' math skills and knowledge. This will be accomplished by using games, activities, and mock competitions. Students will cooperatively work to complete Logic and Math Puzzles. Participants will then compete against other elementary schools later in the school year.

Friends Club- Responsible and caring students help students during various times throughout the day, while developing friendships.

Garden Club- The purpose of The Garden Club is to share the love of gardening with the school. Students will develop an increased awareness of the environment, ecology, composting, recycling, and conservation. The Garden Club will inspire creativity through observing the cycles of life, develop leadership skills in students, and establish a sense of community in our school. Furthermore, science-based standards will be incorporated in all activities.  We hope to encourage students to develop a lifelong love of gardening!

Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team– The HRRB team is made up of fourth and fifth grade students. There is a try-out to become a member. The team meets once a week from September to January to discuss books on the Georgia Book Award list. The team competes in Mid-January against other district elementary schools. 

Intramural Sports- Students will have an exciting opportunity to be on a team that will teach them how to play different types of sports. Students will build teamwork and sportsmanship skills along the way.

Jogging Club/Sole Sisters- This after school club is available for students who are interested in running.

Junior Beta Club-Jr. Beta is a division on the National Beta Club.  It recognizes achievement, educational commitment, and citizenship in students.  The club promotes leadership through volunteering and service projects.   The requirements for Jr. Beta are uniform across Cherokee County and have to be achieved in 4th grade in order to qualify for an invitation starting in 5th grade for Jr. Beta.  Then, 5th grade qualifies a student for 6th grade Jr. Beta, etc. 

Junior Lego League- A small number of 2nd and 3rd grade students, chosen through a tryout process, meet 1x a week to prepare to compete against other CCSD Jr. Lego Teams in the competition held in late Winter/early Spring. Students learn teamwork as they work to complete projects.

Lego League- A small number of 4th and 5th grade students, chosen through a tryout process, meet 2x a week to prepare to compete against other CCSD Lego teams in the competition held in late Winter/early Spring. Students learn teamwork, coding, and work to build lego robots.

MOD Squad- Standing for Men of Distinction, this group of 4th and 5th grade gentlemen is matched with a Reinhardt mentor. In addition to meeting weekly with their mentor, these young men volunteer to complete community service projects throughout the school during non-academic times on Fridays. Community service ranges from volunteering in Kindergarten classrooms and assisting in the library.

News Crew- Led by Wendy Landry, a small team of students anchor and produce the live news broadcast every morning.

RMM Soccer Club-  This club is in partnership with Cherokee Impact Soccer. Coaches from Cherokee Impact teach students basic fundamentals of the sport. Students then use these skills to compete against their teammates in small tournament games. In addition to soccer skills, coaches and teachers help students build better leadership and collaborative skills. The club will be offered to 3rd-5th grade students in the fall with the intention to expand to lower grades in the spring.

Science Olympiad– Students in grades fourth-fifth grade are invited to this after school activity centered around various science categories. The team meets on a regular basis throughout the school year and competes with other schools each spring. 

STEM Gems- For girls only. STEM Gems will do some fun STEM related activities while also learning about some great women in STEM careers.

Student Council– Developing leadership potential in our students by providing service opportunities, and to give students a voice in the leadership direction of the school. 

Technology Club- This after school club, led by our Enrichment Teacher Savannah Mixson, allows a limited number of students to learn more about various aspects of technology. Members enter projects into the CCSD Technology Fair, the date of which has yet to be announced.

The Brave's Chat- The Brave’s Chat is a quarterly newspaper written for students by students. Club meetings will be after school and during this time we will discuss digital and paper layouts, as well as types of articles students want to include each quarter.

Yearbook Club- Led by our art teacher, this group of students will help her in creating our school's yearbook.