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Last Updated: 5/18/2021 12:43 PM

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Grade Level Information

Senior Class Informationinformation for current Seniors - Updated for 2021
Underclassman Information - information for 9th, 10th, and 11th Graders - Updated 2/2021
Upcoming Freshman Information - information for current 8th Graders - Updated 2/2021

Enrollment Forms

Registration/New Enrollment Forms
Dual Enrollment/Move On When Ready
Georgia Virtual School Intent Form - List the courses that you wish to take (due to Student Services by May 1st of each year)

Graduation/Promotion Requirements

Subject Required Credits Course Requirements 
English 4 1 credit 9th Lit/Comp, 1 credit American Lit
Math 4

1 credit Algebra, 1 credit Geometry, 1 credit Algebra 2, 1 credit approved math

Science 4

1 credit Biology, 1 credit Physical Science or Physics,1 credit Chemistry or Environmental Science or Earth System

Social Studies 3

1 credit World History, 1 credit U.S. History, 1/2 credit American Government,1/2 credit Economics

Physical Education 1 1/2 credit Health and 1/2 credit Personal Fitness or 3 credits ROTC
CTAE, Foreign Language,
Fine Arts
Electives 4  
Total 23 ****See your counselor for questions and clarification.


GA Futures (Formerly GA College 411)