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Last Updated: 8/7/2020 9:38 PM

Woodstock HS Administration

Mark Smith  -  Chris Bennett   -   Meagan Biello   -  Dan Gagnon  -  Nancy Henson   -  Joel Roth


Mr. J. Mark Smith, Principal 

Carol Pontius - Administrative Assistant

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It is with great pride that I welcome you to Woodstock High School.  As Principal, it is a pleasure to lead such a dynamic academic organization where the focus on student achievement is at the forefront of our daily efforts.  The Woodstock family includes over 2100 students and 170 staff members.

Woodstock offers students a well-balanced academic program comprised of not only the core courses in Math, Science, English and Social Studies but also many elective offerings in  Engineering, ROTC, Computer Applications and Graphic Design, Art, Music, Theater and Physical Education just to mention a few.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and rigorous academic program for all students.  "Raising the Bar" has become our motto and I think our academic programming reflects that.

WHS is one of the finest high schools in the state and the nation.  We have some of the best teachers and programs available to students anywhere in the country.  It means something to be a "Wolverine".  It represents a commitment to academic excellence, dedication to self-improvement and a sense of pride for the community.  I hope you see the pride we have for our school as you visit our website.

Finally, I would like to thank our teachers, parents and community for their hard work, dedication and support to WHS each and every day.  Without them Woodstock would not be the great school that it is.

With Best Regards,

J. Mark Smith


Mr. Chris Bennett, Assistant Principal

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Terry Vorobel - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Athletic Director  •  Fine Arts Department  •  Health/PE Department •  Athletic Social Media   •  Calendar (Athletics)   •  Duty Rosters  •  Eligibility  •  Emergency Drills & Crisis Manual  •  Facility Usage (Athletics)  •  Facility Inventory Oversight  •  ISS/ALT School  •  Parking (Faculty/Student) •  Physicals  •  SIP Management  •  Title Investigation  •   Transportation Contact (Athletic / Fieldtrips)   •  Student Services Support Last Names  “S  -  Z”





Ms. Meagan Biello, Assistant Principal

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Carmen Rodriguez - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  CTAE Department  •  World Language Department  •  Partners in Education  •  Character Education Recognition  •  Clubs  •  Graduation Liaison (Ceremony)  •  Lockers  •  MS to HS Transition  •  Saturday School  •  SIP Management  •  Student Government   •  Student Teachers  •  "Tell Me Something Good" (Bi-Monthly Email)  •  Title Investigation  •  9th Grade Liaison  •  Student Services Support Last Names  "A  -  Ce"




Dr. Dan Gagnon, Assistant Principal

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Aurelia Epperson - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Social Studies Department  •  Science Department  •  Advanced Placement (AP)  •  Attendance  •  CANVAS  •  Data Analysis (weekly)  •  REP  •  RTI  •  SIP Management  •  TAA  •  Testing Coordinator  •  Textbooks  •  Title Investigation  •   Transportation Contact (Students)  •  Video Approvals  •  11th Grade Liaison  •  Student Services Support Last Names  "Ch - G"




Nancy Henson, Assistant Principal

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Carmen Rodriguez - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Special Education  •  ESOL  •  IEP/504 Plans  •  Food Pantry  •  ExP  •  FTE  •  GAA  •  Home School  •  Hospital Homebound  •  Nurse  •  Paraprofessionals  •  SIP Management  •  Special Olympics  •  Substitutes  •  Title Investigation  •   10th Grade Liaison  •  Student Services Support Last Names  "Mc - Ry"





Dr. Joel Roth, Assistant Principal


Contact Dr. Roth


Aurelia Epperson - Administrative Assistant

Administrative Duties:  Curriculum  •  Math Department  •  Language Arts Department  •  Academic Letters/Honors & Awards Night •  Graduation Liaison  •  Foreign Exchange Students  •  Master Schedule  •  MS to HS Transition  •  Online Course Approval  •  Professional Learning Communities (PLC)  •  Senior Project  •  SIP Management  •  STEM  •  Title Investigation  •   12th Grade Liaison  •  Student Services Support Last Names “H – Mb”