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Last, First (Click to Email) Department Program
Adams, Phillip Math  
Antonelli, Laura Career Technology Law & Justice
Ayerbe, Carolina World Languages Spanish
Bailey, Adam Special Education  
Baglio, Kellie World Languages Latin
Beaton, Jodi Language Arts  
Bennett, Chris Assistant Principal  
Bertram, Kirby Athletic Trainer Northside Cherokee
Biello, Meagan Assistant Principal  
Birchmore, Jodie Career Technology Work-Based Learning
Blake, Laura Special Education  
Blackwell, Chris Math  
Bolt, Heather Career Technology Family & Consumer Science
Breaux, Sonya World Languages Spanish
Brennan, Sarah Science  
Brown, Jeffrey PE/Health  
Budde, Brent PE/Health  
Castleberry, Tracy Science  
Clouse, Casey PE/Health  
Cochran.Christopher Social Studies  
Cogdill, Jennifer Media Specialist  
Cook, Danielle Language Arts  
Cowart, Rhonda Social Studies  
Crabb, Laura Math  
Cruttenden, Shannon Special Education  
Cruz, Carmen World Languages Spanish
Davila, Mike Special Education  
DeAngelis, Lana Social Studies  
DeVoss, Jake Science  
DeVoss, Megan Language Arts ESOL
Dexter, Ashley Social Studies  
Dodd, Anita PE/Health  
Domenico, Allen Social Studies  
Douyon, Tyra Language Arts  
Duran, John Social Studies  
Ecke, Walter Special Education  
Edwards, Carolyn PE/Health  
Engram, Derek Social Studies  
Epperson, Steve Career Technology Technology
Epperson, Steve Science  
Fagan, Adrienne Career Technology Family & Consumer Science
Fagan, Mark Career Technology Navy JROTC
Freeman, Jaimie Science  
Gagnon, Dan Assistant Principal  
George, Kimberly Media Specialist  
Gillin, John Science  
Godowns, Savanna Science  
Gogarty, Maria World Languages Spanish
Grantham, Anna Science  
Gray, Alex PE/Health  
Green, Pamela Science  
Gueren, Lindsay Student Services Students "A - Co"
Halsema, Mary Math  
Harkins, Bridget Special Education  
Harris, Daryl Student Services Students "Sh - Z"
Hawter, Kathryn Math  
Heil, Amy Special Education  
Henderson, Sawyer Language Arts  
Henson, Nancy Assistant Principal  
Hightower, Jonathan Social Studies  
Hinckley, Maria World Languages Spanish
Hipp, Deborah Science  
Hoofnagle, Courtney Language Arts  
Hooks, Courteney Language Arts  
Horton, Jordan Language Arts  
Jennings, Melissa Math  
Johnson, Tracy Special Education  
Koeninger, Rachel Math  
Lane, Helen Math  
Laneaux, Trevlyn Special Education  
LaRicci, Lauren Fine Arts Drama
Loehr, Bob Fine Arts Band
Lollar, Harold Athletic Trainer Northside Cherokee
Louis, Wakely Career Technology CTI
Majors, Noel Language Arts  
Manderano, Pete Social Studies  
Mangieri, Lee Social Studies  
Mangieri, Lindsay Career Technology Computer Science
Marcusky, Johanna Language Arts  
Martin, Ben Special Education  
Mason, Isobel Career Technology Graphic Design
McIntyre, Kate Math  
Meeks, Chris Special Education  
Michea, Brandon Special Education  
Mize, Ashley Language Arts  
Mock, Christopher Language Arts  
Moeller, Julie Science  
Musie, Loretta Math  
Myrick, Keith Career Technology Navy JROTC
Nevis, Michelle Special Education  
Nichols, Hillary Student Services Students "Cr - He"
Oglesby, Henry Math  
Pardue, Chas PE/Health  
Parker, Sam Science  
Pierce, Josh PE/Health  
Poole, Joshua APEX  
Potz, Ashley Science  
Powell, Mike PE/Health  
Price, Andrew APEX  
Pruitt, Heather Math  
Purugulla, Katrina Language Arts ESOL
Putnam, Kelly Science  
Quackenbush, Elizabeth World Languages Spanish
Rice, Dianne Science  
Richeson, Brady Special Education  
Richey, Elizabeth Fine Arts Visual Arts
Robb, Phelan Social Studies  
Robinson, Maria Student Services Students "Mo - Se"
Rodriguez, Bobie Special Education  
Rose, Jenae Special Education  
Rosenbalm, Jessica Special Education  
Ryberg, Sonja Language Arts  
Sailers, Josh Social Studies  
Salas, Melanie Career Technology Marketing/Business/The Den
Sanchez, James Social Studies  
Scharich, Kirk Social Studies  
Sellers, Jean Social Studies  
Sharrock, Todd Assistant Principal  
Sheehan, Tom Special Education  
Sinclair, Bonnie Math  
Sinclair, Grant Language Arts  
Slomkowski, Maisie Math  
Smerker, Josh Math  
Smith, Darrah Math  
Smith, Liz Special Education  
Smith, Marcee Student Services Students "Hi - Mi"
Smith, Mark Principal  
Smith, Regina Science  
Soncrant, Allison Special Education  
Snyder, Wendy Language Arts  
Sugar, Garrett Social Studies  
Tate-Leslie, Regina Science  
Tenney, Daniel Special Education  
Thompson, Lori Fine Arts Visual Arts
Vallee, Beatrice World Languages French
Vance, Jacqueline Language Arts  
Vogan, Jamie Language Arts ESOL
Wadsworth, Nicole Math  
Wagner, Jeff Career Technology Broadcast Video Production
Wall, Chandler Social Studies  
Wallace, Jared Language Arts  
Watson, Lynda Science  
West, Greg Math  
Whitaker, Lisa Math  
Wilkinson, Roxanne Math  
Williamson, Amy Language Arts  
Wren, Mason Special Education  
Zayance, Karen Career Technology Engineering


Name (click to email) Department
Blakeslee, Rosemarie Paraprofessional
Bostardi, Mike Tech Specialist
Boyer, Mary Jo Paraprofessional
Bronner, Cassandra School Nutrition - Manager
Brown, Janet School Nutrition
Carroll, Terri Receptionist
Castellanos, Aura School Nutrition
Castilla, Miriam School Nutrition
Chang, Chi-shun School Nutrition
Correll, Monica Records Facilitator
Dameron, Lori Attendance Secretary
East, Hayley Paraprofessional
Eggleston, Kelley Paraprofessional
Epperson, Aurelia Assistant Principal's Secretary
Ernst, Beverly Guidance Secretary
Garrett, Blanca School Nutrition
Hyde, Vickie School Nurse
Jones, Diane School Nutrition
Lawless, Donna School Nutrition
Lopez, Melinda School Nutrition
Macias, Corin School Nutrition
MacNeill, Amy Paraprofessional
Mendel, Chris School Police
Munoz, Maria School Nutrition
Painter, Jennifer School Nutrition
Parrott, Connie School Nutrition - Asst Manager
Perez, Elvira School Nutrition
Pontius, Carol Principal's Secretary
Register, Alesia Bookkeeper
Rodriguez, Carmen Assistant Principal's Secretary
Rodriguez, Maria School Nutrition
Sareen, Deanna Paraprofessional
Sciabica, Nadine Paraprofessional
Vega, Nastassia  
Vorobel, Terry  
Weldy, Marjorie School Nutrition - Asst Manager