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Work-Based Learning

Last Updated: 9/9/2022 3:31 PM

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What is Work Based Learning?

The Cherokee County Work-Based Learning Program is an educational opportunity for juniors and seniors who have an identified career objective to obtain experience and skills in a workplace setting and begin working in their career pathway while still in high school. Students have the opportunity to connect what they learn in school with work-site application, enabling a smooth transition into the work force and/or education beyond high school. 


Work Based Learning Benefits Students, Employers and the Community 

How do students benefit?

  • Ability to explore various career opportunities 

  • Connection between educational and work experiences 

  • Promotion of self-confidence at school and work 

  • Growth and development of their technical skills 

  • Development and exercise of beneficial behaviors and attitudes related to the job such as accountability, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.  

  • Earn high school credit while learning and exploring a new potential career. 


How do employers benefit?

  • Ability to provide students with a better understanding of a career field 

  • Opportunity to influence student training in order to meet ever changing industry requirements 

  • Work-based learning decreases the cost of training and recruitment, matching interested, invested young individuals and in a broad spectrum of industries.  

  • Expanded pool of qualified applicants 

  • Opportunity to collaborate and build a meaningful partnership with local school/system 


How does the community benefit?

  • Development of a skilled work force 

  • Enhanced youth employability 

  • Economic growth through an expanded skilled workforce and taxpayer base




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