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Principal PA morning announcement for Tuesday 5/21/19 - Anti-Vaping Policy

Last Updated: 5/21/2019 11:19 AM

Please listen up to this important announcement about our School District’s new anti-vaping policy.

Beginning next school year, the punishment for using or possessing vaping devices anywhere on school campus will be much tougher. 

Without definitive proof otherwise, we will treat all vaping devices and oils as if they contain CBD and THC oil.  This means you will face immediate out-of-school suspension and a tribunal for possible long-term assignment to ACE Academy or expulsion.  No exceptions.  No vaping of any kind is permitted anywhere in campus buildings or parking lots, or on school buses or at school events.

We’re doing this because we care about you and your health. 

Students are overdosing, having seizures, passing out and being hospitalized.  The big companies that make and sell you these devices and oils don’t care about you or your health – they just want your money.  Scientists have already learned that vaping damages your lungs and your brain development.  

If you’ve never vaped, don’t start.  If you’re already vaping, you need to quit.   Talk to your parents about getting help.  They’re all receiving a message today about the new policy and that we’re talking to you about it.  If you don’t want to talk with your parents, tell your doctor, or our school nurse or your counselor. 

We want to help you.  Thank you for listening.