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Last Updated: 8/8/2018 7:22 PM

Congratulations! On behalf of the SSTAGE Board of Directors, due to the excellent work of your team, Clark Creek STEM Academy has been selected to receive the 2018 SSTAGE Star Award for Promising Practices at the elementary school level. In making this decision, the SSTAGE Board of Directors Site Team considered the following characteristics of effective implementation of the Pyramid of Interventions and RTI/MTSS practices:

    * Effective systematic problem solving process at each tier
    * Coordinated system of instructional/behavioral supports/resources
    * Coordinated system of assessment and progress monitoring

    * Job-embedded professional learning and ongoing teacher supports

    * A systematic plan for parent/family communication and involvement

Clark Creek STEM Academy’s implementation of these components has brought you to the forefront of RTI/MTSS in Georgia. The SSTAGE Site Team identified the following areas of commendation:


  • The positive culture of the school was impossible to miss, and it was reflected by the leadership and the staff.  Communication can be characterized as positive and collaborative.  Collaboration happens at all tiers.
  • Clark Creek has implemented Positive Behavior Intervention Supports as a grass-roots initiative. The CCSA program has received CCRPI points for its strong implementation.
  • Providing training for the data team process and developing data teams for each grade level with an RTI team leader at each grade level is a strong practice. 
  • There is a strong system of assessment and progress monitoring. The data collected informs teams at all levels for decision making.
  • Universal screening is in place, and the assessment process is carried out to address tier 1 needs as well as inform WIN Time (What I Need Time) at tier 1, 2 and 3 for support and enrichment.
  • Win Time is an innovative approach which provides time for interventions, instructional supports for the standards, teaching soft skills, and addressing social/emotional needs which is above and beyond regular classroom instructional time.
  • Training staff for Rainbow Groups is a forward-thinking activity to help address social emotional needs and proactively address student needs rather than deal in a reactive manner to behavior events which are occurring naturally due to not supporting students based on divorce, deployment, parent incarceration, etc...
  • The RTI team, and teachers in general, demonstrated an understanding of the difference in practice between providing strong instructional strategies and implementing a research/evidence based intervention. The inclusion of a document in the RTI framework which highlights suggested high impact strategies and details available school interventions ensures staff are aware of the differences and options available for student support.
  • Teachers interviewed were able to discuss in detail the RTI plan and share the process which is documented through grade level team notebooks and the use of an RTI Desktop.
  • Grade level data team meetings utilize pretest and screener data to highlight critical standards and prioritize instructional goals for the unit/quarter/semester.
  • The ability to provide an RTI coordinator through flexible staffing at the school level has been an efficient staffing move to provide stability and consistency of practice across all grade levels for all tiers.
  • There are multiple events planned across the year with parent outreach and training as the focus. The school surveys parents regarding outreach programs as well as plans the necessary events to meet academic needs aligned to the instructional year.


Thank you for sharing your innovative practices with SSTAGE. Your enthusiasm, team collaboration, dedication, and understanding of MTSS will be an inspiration to educational leaders and teachers across the state of Georgia.


SSTAGE will invite your team to present at January 16, 2019 Promising Practices Conference, and you will be recognized for your accomplishments at an awards presentation. 


Again, thank you for your outstanding work and exemplary support for students!


Kristie Long                                           Wallace R. Blackstock

Kristie Long                                              Wallace R. Blackstock

SSTAGE President                                    SSTAGE Executive Director