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Last Updated: 9/17/2021 2:36 PM


target  Autumn Hamilton


English Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to provide rigorous, meaningful instruction that meets the diverse needs and goals of my students, while also encouraging them to be self-motivated, critical thinkers who are ready to continue along their pathways after high school.

Although I can confidently say that I believe I have had a lot of great achievements during my past 13 years as an educator, hands down, my greatest achievement is my son Miles and the belief that I have (even in the smallest way) contributed to the kind, empathetic, and compassionate person he continues to grow to be.

A. Hamilton

target  Hannah Mitchell


English Teacher, i-Grad Virtual Academy

My ultimate goal is to help students reach their full potential, tapping into unknown strengths and unplumbed depths. My goal is for iGrad students to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and the world through active interaction with literature.

My biggest achievement is raising my two wildflower daughters while managing a teaching career, always making time to be creative!



H. Mitchell




Writing Contests

The Next Generation Writing Contest: 2021 Edition (attached GA HS Writing Contest)

Deadline 11/1


CCWSA Imagine a Day Without Water (attached Essay Contest Flyer)

Deadline 10/29


Young Georgia Author's Competition

Deadline 1/10/22